John Burhani was a local artist who, along with his wife, Heather McGee, purchased the Lighthouse in 2011. Shortly after, John was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The lighthouse was intended to be John's studio and gallery.  

​Find out more about John, his art and the Lighthouse here -

If you want to see more recent works, browse our Gallery.

Several local artists were commissioned the summer of 2016 to create murals on the lower circumference of the lighthouse. 



We appreciate and honor our local talent. Come here to see featured community members and how they are enriching our world with their talents.


STREET ART: Weather permitting, come down to the pier, bring paint and brushes and choose one of the canvasses that will be available. Take your place alongside other community members and create your vision of "Street Art."


Serving as a beacon to the southeastern wisconsin arts community


Kenosha Lighthouse Studio

Contact us, if you'd like to enjoy a romantic, catered dinner on the third floor of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is ideal for engagements and other events.

If you are an artist inspired by the lake, the lighthouse or working in a unique space, ask us about our Artist in Residence Program. We offer opportunities for fine and performing artists and musicians.