Musical Artists 2017 Season

CJ Parrone Jr. - Musician/Singer/Song Writer

Claudio will be performing at the Kenosha Lighthouse Studio  July 14 & July 15, 2017. Show times are 7:30-9pm and 9:30-11pm, respectively.

Claudio is an independent artist from the Midwest. He has been a songwriter for the last seven years, with most of his work going unreleased. Since leaving college in 2012, he has been working as a professional actor/musician in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. Following the release of his debut EP, "Words Unheard", Claudio is planning his first tour, set for Summer 2017, along with the release of his second EP, "Sights Unseen".

Self taught on both instruments, Claudio plays guitar and piano, along with singing. Playing alongside him are Robert Ashe McDowell III (drums), Jerome Hunter (guitar), and Curtis Crump Jr. (Saxophone). 

To hear Claudio's music and purchase it, please go here: Claudio Parrone Jr.