​​Dale Mellor - Mulit-Medium Artist

Dale our very first muralist on the Kenosha Lighthouse Studio - ever!  She is a well-respected artist in Southeastern Wisconsin, working with in many different mediums. We are thrilled to have her back as an Artist in Residence this season and are eager to witness her create on the lighthouse again!

I see unrestrained beauty every day and drink it in as a gift from the One who deeply loves me. I need to see beautiful, creative things and I want others to see them, too.

Being a visual person I express my thoughts and ideas….well, visually!

I talk with my hands. I paint and assemble and create things to be seen from the unseen that is within me.

This most often translates into

Jewelry, Painted works and Stained Glass.


My favorite materials are Glass, Wire and Paint.

I love Glass because it reflects and transmits Light.

Wire produces for me, Lines and Movement.

Paint is liquid color. Without it I think our emotions would be asleep.