2017  Season:    

June 25- July 4th(ish)          Anne Hermes Painter/Muralist          

July 1                                      Punx on the Pier

July 10th-16th                       Audrey Rauth - Photographer

July 14th 7:30pm-9:00pm   CJ Parrone Jr. - Musician/Singer/Song Writer

July 15th 9:30-11:00pm        CJ Parrone Jr. - Musician/Singer/Song Writer

July 17th-Aug 6th                 Russell Christiansen - Glass Artist

​August 7th                             National Lighthouse Day!

August 14th-20th                 Colleen Steenhagen - Multi-medium Artist

August 21st-26th-                Nate Whitney

​​​​​​​​Kenosha Lighthouse Studio

Calendar of Events

2018 Season :

June 11-17: Kirk Robertson - Photographer

June 18-24: Jurga Petkus - Multi-Medium Artist

June 23: 6pm-8pm:  Thomas Ceschin - Acoustic Guitar

June 25- July 8: Dale Mellor - Multi-Medium Artist

July 7: tentative date: Punx on the Pier - Punk/Hard Rock Bands

July 6: 7pm-9pm: Daddy Long Legs - Blues/Rock Duo

July 9-15: Nate Whitney - Photographer

July 21: evening show: Leroy Booker - Singer/Songwriter

July 23-Aug 6: Russ Christiansen - Glass Artist

July 28: 6pm-9pm: Practice in Public - Rock Band

​August 7th: Special Event - National Lighthouse Day

August 13-19: Rebecca Hamlin Green - Ceramicist/ Multi-Medium Artist