My current work can be best described as an investigation into the phenomenon of Contemporary Rituals. I live and create in a big city, where I find myself surrounded by many people, by large crowds.  There are ways for city people to interact in meaningful and unordinary ways. We do that at street festivals, happenings, music, participating in large projects, or just playing in the city.

That’s what I try to capture. I mix with a crowd, I take photos, and use them to construct a special space, a meaningful space, in which people in a crowd are strangely connected to each other, connected by the power of the moment.

The “place” itself is extremely important, both as a starting point where these moments are allowed or encouraged to happen, as well as the space that becomes transformed by a happening.  

The universes that I construct are not uniform in style. It is important to me to keep my paintings loose and sketch-like in some parts, but tighter and more detailed in others. My paintings oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, between the realistic and the phantasmagorical.

They are made out of the everyday metaphysics.


Tamara Wasserman


We thrilled to have Tamara Wasserman join us this season. What a treat! Please come back in several weeks to view open house days/times.

Tamara Wasserman, Multi-Medium Artist

July 15 - 21, 2019