Rebecca Hamlin-Green

Rebecca's residency begins August 13th and will go through August 19th. 

Rebecca Hamlin Green is a ceramic and mixed media artist. She currently serves as Assistant Professor of Art at Brescia University in Owensboro, KY. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the Midwest and US, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Lexington, Baltimore, Santa Fe and Tucson. She was recently awarded a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center and won Grand Prix at the Biennale de la Céramique in Andenne, Belgium. 

Artist Statement:

Using a combination of large-scale drawings and hand-built ceramics, my work examines our relationships with nature and, in particular with animals, wild and domesticated, in order to investigate larger notions surrounding our historical role in controlling our immediate environment.  By inviting the viewer to reconsider their physical and psychological place within the work, through scale or material or repetition, the works represent familiar forms but also the displacement of the ordinary into the realm of the imagination. What do our associations with animals, our myths, stories, superstitions and projections, tell us about our own experiences with our natural selves?

Birds are a ubiquitous presence in many of these myths and histories. Perhaps because they are not tied to the earth, are hollow-boned and communicate by a music all their own, we depict them as gatekeepers to the subconscious, bearers of peace, harbingers of death, holders of collective memory, mystery and mischief. They uniquely carry both natural and cultural symbolism and influence. I am proposing to create a series of drawings and ceramic objects depicting the species of water and air birds that frequent the lighthouse, drawing inspiration from both their anatomical and metaphorical forms to explore common narratives surrounding them in hopes of creating a sense of connection to some of our own experiences.