Several local artists were commissioned during the summer of 2016 to add murals to the bottom circumference of the lighthouse. The project was lead by Dale Mellor, who provided several murals and guidance to the other artists on surface preparation and materials.

Anne will be creating her mural on the bottom 6ft around the South, East and West sides of the lighthouse, beginning June 25th, 2017 finishing around the Fourth of July - weather permitting. Come down and meet the artist and see her progress.


Mural by Kelly Witte - June 2016

Meet our 2017 Artist in Residence and Muralist, Anne Hermes

The purpose of the mural project was to engage local fine artists to illustrate the importance of the arts to the public at large. The arts are more than aesthetics, more than a catchy tune or an entertaining theatrical romp. The arts are the fiber of our culture and society.  The arts create a platform of creative thinking that give way to bolster businesses, the economy and the community at large.

The mural project has opened up dialogue with community members, has reduced the occurrence of graffiti on the lighthouse. It is the first of many projects, programs and artistic endeavors that will be offered through the Kenosha Lighthouse Studio, and subsequent non-profit, The Burhani Fund for the Arts.

Kenosha Lighthouse Studio

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