Janette Louden (née Hill), was born and raised in England and was always found with a pencil in her hand. Not particularly bad or good at academics, and terrible at sports, art class was where she came into her own. She's been drawing ever since.

She studied Graphic design at College, in the UK, and began her career in Advertising, but quickly moved into publishing. Employed initially as a graphic designer, most of the books being produced were educational (Primary and secondary) in nature and used many illustrations. Following her desire to enter into that field, she began to create illustrations to be used, and after 6 years of working at Garnet Publishing, near London, she was responsible for about 75% of the artwork.

She moved to the US in 2004, and has been a freelance illustrator ever since. Completely self-taught, with many ups and downs, successes and mistakes on the way, she has to date, illustrated 17 children's story books. Mostly for Author, Neil Griffiths, with Red Robin Books, Story Sacks and a few self-publishing authors.

Being a self-taught artist has involved a lot of experimenting, learning, evolving and growing. Her style varies widely, from traditional watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil, to digital art in Photoshop and Illustrator. Many of her book illustrations combine the two. She often finds herself believing she ought to specialize in one single style, but, actually loves all the different styles and images she has producing over the years and enjoys being such a versatile artist. Maybe one day she will be known for a particular style, but not today! Today, she is still having fun using all the supplies in art shop!

Still keeping her hand in graphic design, she currently works, part-time for a local consulting company - Westwords Consulting, and the rest of her time illustrating commissions, producing art for gallery shows, drawing on plates, making shrinky dinks, and a new area/passion, pattern making!

In her opinion, a good days work is one where you crack yourself up because of something you've just drawn.

Janette Louden, Artist/Illustrator

We are pleased to announce that Janette will be our first Resident this 2019 season.  We have admired Janette's works for some years now. Janette works in many mediums and creates dreamy creations on paper, canvas, plates and even wallpaper. 

Janette will have open hours at the lighthouse Monday  through Thursday from 6pm - 8pm and Friday and Saturday will be at the lighthouse most of the day.

She will was a huge draw to our 2018 Chalk on the Walk event last year with her children's book illustrations and we couldn't be happier to have her residency coincide with this year's event.  

(June 8th from 1-4)  

June 3 - 9, 2019

See days and times available below